The Bible Is The Black Man's History Book

Courtesy of the British Museum in London, the picture of the Afro-textured hair men above is the TRUE IMAGE of the ancient Israelites, AKA the Hebrews. That is how they looked in real life. The image you are looking at is from the Assyrians who destroyed and dispersed Israel around the world. Yes as confirmed by the image, the Hebrews who wrote the Bible were black people. The Bible  among other things tells the history of the Hebrews. Therefore, what this revelation tells us is; the Bible is the Black Man's History Book!

For those who might suggest or think they are wearing a wig, please notice the head hair and the beard are the same Afro-textured hair. Thus showing, the head hair is not a hairstyle. It is the appearance in its natural state. Please note, afro-textured hair is the term used to refer to the natural texture of Black African hair that has not been altered by hot combs, flat irons, or chemicals (through perming, relaxing, or straightening). The image above is that of Hebrews in captivity to the Assyrians. Therefore, their hair as we see it, is in its natural state or condition.

The following is an image of a black African with the same type of Afro-textured hair. Compare the texture of the hair type in the image and that of the African woman shown here. As you can see the hair texture is the same.

With hair-style like that, without a doubt those are black people. It is only black people of African origin that have afro-textured hair. But how can that be? I will not be surprised if you are thinking: I made a mistake. No I did not! That is the exact appearance of the ancient Israelites. The images of the ancient Israelites are on public display at the British Museum in London. You can see the images for yourself free-of-charge by visiting the museum. The image you are looking at, is one of many similar depiction of the ancient Israelites by the Assyrians who conquered and drove Israel into exile. They are on display at the Assyrian section of the Museum.

Yes the ancient Israelites were black people. The evidence is clear from the images shown on this site taken from the British Museum in London. Unless some doubters wanna say there are other people who also sport afro-textured hair but are not considered black people. That will be a joke, off course. So there you have it; the Hebrew were black people and since they wrote the Bible these revelations changes everything about black people and the Bible. Thus, the fact of the matter is; the Bible is the ultimate Black History Book.

The people you see here on the left are of European descent but they also claim to be Jews. The name Jew is the modern name of people who claim to be descendants of Judah who was one of the sons of Jacob.

But the problem here is these are Europeans. Even so, the image from the British museum says the ancient Israelites were black people (Negroes). Black people do not originate from Europe. They are mainly found in Africa and Asia. So how can these Europeans be related to the ancient Israelites who were Negroes? Are you confused? So you should be! Things are not always what they seem.

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The Bible is The Black Man's History Book

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